JF Máquinas


JF launch new website and anounce partnership with the artist and farmer Leo Chaves (Victor & Leo).




On Jan 17th, JF held an event to inform about the new website which will go live on Jan 23rd. The site relies to an innovative layout and fully interactive.


As part of the same event it was also announced the partnership between JF and Fazenda Paraíso  (farm from Uberlândia-MG), in which a project is being carried out to turn it into a model farm, with the most advanced livestock techniques, where is created the Senepol cattle.


The most special moment in the event was a surprise lecuture held by the singer Leo Chaves, one of the most famous artists in Brazil (Victor & Leo). Leo sang and talked about his personal life and of course about his artistic experience in special explaining difficults when He and his bother starts singing on pubs. His charisma and talent charmed more than 600 empolyees in attendance and several media companies.



Photo by Tuca Camilo / Marjourie Tenório                                                   Photo by Revista Conceito Moderno


The artist told about his experiences, difficulties, talked about resiliency and also human values that we should exercise every day.


There were moments of emotion and relaxation. Léo interacted with the audience and invited an employee to dance.



Photo by Tuca Camilo / Marjourie Tenório                                                    Photo by Tuca Camilo / Marjourie Tenório


He thrilled himself remembering importante moments of his life and singer career. Léo sang and charmed everyone with its simplicity and talent.


After the event, the artist responded to the press and spoke about the partnership with JF;


“We understand JF is a modern machine reference in Agribusiness, specially in livestock segment, that’s our business. The intention (partnership) is optimizing the time and reduce costs. We researched about companies that could offer us solutions in order to achieve best results, because in livestock operations, Time is Money. We found in JF the technology that makes the difference in the rural field”


Besides being a singer and businessman, Léo Chaves is a rancher and invest in Senepol cattle breed, being one of the main promoters of this specific cattle in Brazil.


Fazenda Paraíso & JF Máquinas Partnership


Making the Fazenda Paraíso a model farm with high technology, equipment processes and most advanced techniques in all area of livestock, for instance, insemination, genetic mapping, cattle progressive reproduction, veterinary care, animal nutrition and also a core reference, dissemination and best practices of the Senepol breed.


In Fazenda Paraíso will happen events to show the process and technology results in practice, as well as the equipments in operation. All those events will be hosted and managed by the farm staff and partners.


Together with this Project is also the artist and farmer Léo Chaves (Victor & Léo) which gives  credibility and media exhibition  to the Project and is also one of the most important boosters of the Senepol breed expansion in Brazil.


Check out the Leo's video announcing the partnership with JF