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JF CompactSilo Forage Packer


Aproximate weight (empty and without ballast) 1300 kg
Ballast weight (per unity)¹ 160 g
Disc diameter 900mm
Height 1255mm
Minimum lifting capacity at 610mm from pin hole 1600 kg
Number of discs 9
Power source tractor PTO
Water tank maximum capacity 500 liters
Width (working position) 2000mm
¹Ballasts are sold separately. Equipment can hold up to 3 sets of ballasts. ²For choosing tractor customer should consider lifting power and JF Compactsilo setup (with or without ballasts and water in the tank). Other variables are essential for a good packing of forage such as tractor weight; working hours of tractor + JF Compactsilo set; thickness of forage layer to be packed; dry matter content; particle size; filling speed; bunker height, etc.

Striving everyday to develop innovative solutions to improve cattle feeding quality, JF presents JF Compactsilo.

With an exclusive design and 2m working width it will allow a better packing of forage resulting in a faster process of preservation of forage by anaerobical fermentation and more forage packed per cubic meter, decreasing storage costs and improving nutritional value of feed. 

JF Compactsilo was designed for farmers and contractors that take forage packing seriously. When using JF Compactsilo silage will have  a more efficient packing and it will decrease penetration of oxigen minimizing losses by fungus and spoiling. 



Silage packer for packing of forage during silage process, 3-point linkage system, with working width of 2m, weight adjustable through optional ballasts and packing roller with water tank, jack for equipment parking, ballast support, required tractor lifting power of 1600kg at 610mm from pin hole. 



• Accelerates packing and fermentation process: fuel and time saving and better nutritional feed value;

• Improves packing on the edges decreasing oxygen penetration and avoiding structural damages to the silage;

• Increases density inside the silo, decreasing costs of storage; 

• Resistant and low maintenance equipment;

• Easy and practical 3-point linkage setup;

• Weight increase adjustable with optional ballasts and filling of water in the tank;

• Tests showed excellent packing in maize and grass silages reaching densities higher than average in the region.