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JF: a history of success and achievements


Our story began when João Nogueira de Freitas, a visionary young man, entered the Agricultural Technical School of Espírito Santo do Pinhal. After graduating in 1952, he embarked on tireless work in search of solutions to meet the needs of rural workers. With dedication and exceptional skills, it didn't take long before he created the first machine.

In 1980, the realization of his great dream began: the foundation of JF Agricultural Machines. Inaugurated in 1981 with 100% national capital, JF began to stand out in the market thanks to the unparalleled quality of its products, meeting the needs of producers. In 1990, JF surprised the market with the launch of its forage harvester, which has remained a leader to this day.

Within our current portfolio, there are several models of precision forage harvesters, choppers and silage machines, forage headers, forage wagons, mixers, distributors and planters, balers, mowers, rakes and spreaders, grain and forage extractors and baggers, distributed throughout Brazil and in more than 50 countries on all five continents.

Rapid technological evolution, coupled with our global vision of agribusiness, has allowed us to constantly improve our entire product line, adapting it to the needs of each producer and providing the best utilization of crops. Over the years, JF has grown, added numerous professionals, and launched new products, but has always maintained the core philosophy established by Mr. João Nogueira de Freitas: always be the solution for the producer.

Touro de Ouro Award 2016