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JF receives Touro de Ouro Award 2019




JF received the Touro de Ouro Awards for the eighth consecutive year as the best Forage Harvester Equipment.


The awards ceremony took place last Tuesday morning, November 26th, at Sociedade Rural Brasileira Building, in São Paulo City. The “Touro de Ouro” is one of the most important award of brazilian livestock segment.


The ceremony was attended by more than 35 companies besides technicians, entrepreneurs, government officials, agribusiness experts and specialized media. JF was represented by André Pereira, Marketing & E-Commerce Manager.


JF Forage Harvesters are the top of mind brand for forage harvester equipments, recognized by media, farmers, partners, technicians and also for milk and beef livestock experts. The success of JF Forage Harvesters goes beyound national borders, it’s a top selling harvester around the world.

JF thank everyone who contributed day by day to achieve the brand success. This award is a recognition of an humanized, technical and ethical work which demonstrate JF commitment with your employees, customers and partners.



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