JF Máquinas


JF Mix 2000 Mixer


Capacity¹ 2m³
Discharge side left
Height with silage loader (on high) 2650mm
Height without silage loader -
Length with silage loader 1960mm
Length without silage loader -
Power source tractor PTO
Required power at PTO 50 cv
Required revolution at PTO 540 RPM
Stainless steel Mixing Tank
Tires 6,0 x 16 (6 layers)
Weight with silage loader (empty) 1187 kg
Weight without silage loader (empty) -
Width with silage loader (empty) 2690mm
Width without silage loader (empty) -
¹Capacity can vary depending on the product’s density.

JF Mix 2000 keep the quality and tradition of JF feed mixers, a lighter machine with more technology, resistant, compact and with less power consumption.

Designed for livestock feed mixing, this equipment has a capacity of 1,5m³ and its functions are: silage loading, mixing, transporting and deliverying different types of mixed ration directly to the trough.

Totally redesigned, JF Mix 2000 is built with 5mm stainless steel sheet and has a simple operation, with easy control of silage loading, mixing system and discharge auger, by controlled loading hydraulic control from the tractor cabin.

The key features include the compact design and low weight, new mixing system, silage loader with larger diameter and with self-aligning shaft.



Feed mixer with capacity of 2m³, built in 5mm stainless steel sheet, equipped with mixing auger, tank with counter knife, silage loading drum with cross knives system independent and replaceable, silage loader with pressure sensor, discharge auger setup with fully removable bearings and auger, silage cutter with dynamic load balancing, ball joint and self-compensating bearing for silage loader shaft self- alignment, sealed oil tank, resistance for mixing long fibers and silage, silage loader protection cover, PTO shaft protection, optional wheels and weighing system, auger for direct discharge at the trough, transmission through heavy duty gearbox and chains, silage loader control by hydraulic pump and cylinder articulation, wheels controlled by tractor's hydraulic pump, 540 RPM required revolution at PTO, required power at PTO starting from 50 hp.



• Mixing tank made with 5mm stainless steel sheet;

• Lighter, compact and lower power consumption;

• Silage loader with pressure sensor that prevents locking of drum during silage loading;

• Independent and removable cross knives system removes the silage preserving the nutrients without damaging the silage wall and silage fiber;

• Discharge auger designed with fully removable bearings and auger;

• New mixing system for better performance with silage;

• Silage loader with dynamic load balancing;

• Better silage loading, mixing and discharging performance due to the new design;

• Silage loader shaft self-alignment due to the ball joint and self-compensation bearing;

• Compact and sealed oil tank;

2 versions available:
- With wheels 
- without wheels without scale