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JF Silo Master Forage Forage Bagger


Bag 6 feet
Height (working position) 2.035 mm
Power source tractor PTO
Productivity¹ up to 25 ton/h continous flow
Required power at PTO 45 hp
Required revolution at PTO 540 RPM
Tires 215 80 x 16
Weight 1210 kg
Width 2.680 mm
Width (working position) 3.235 mm
¹Productivity posted in the tables are averages obtained in test conditions and can vary according to the degree of humidity of the forage, specific weight and working conditions.

JF revolutionizes its Storage Equipment Line launching in the market JF Silo Master Forage, a forage bagger thought for the farmer that wants to reduce labor cost and implement a simple operational process in order to enhance the quality of silage through improving its storage.

JF's bagging technology isolate the forage from contact with air, dirt, soil and other external factors, decreasing losses in volume and quality of silage because of better storage and faster fermentation (losses up to 2% inside bag versus up to 20% in traditional system). A better preserved silage offers better nutrients for the livestock, increasing its performance both in milk and beef production. 

JF Silo Master Forage features an adjustable feeding conveyor belt driven by hydraulic motor, high quality disc braking system for adjusting ensiling density for better preservation and more uniform filling of bag. Its simple and strong transmission makes it a reliable choice for improving silage quality through better storage.



Bag storage equipment for forage with diameter of 6ft, equipped with adjustable feeding conveyor belt driven by hydraulic control, disc brake powered by hydraulic cylinder, cardan shaft, feeding conveyor belt driven by hydraulic pump, front shield, feeding conveyor belt stretcher, transmission by crown and pinion, protective cover of conveyor transmission, transporting auger, rounded bag outlet, manometer, draw bar, cardan shaft, jack, wheels, tray, hydraulic pump, wheels 215 80 x 16, equipment ready for coupling cracker kit in order to change the equipment from Forage Baggger to Moist Grain Bagger replacing the feeding conveyor belt, 540 RPM Required revolution at PTO and required power at PTO of 45 hp.



• Total isolation of silage material for better preservation;

• Advanced disc brake system for better packing of forage and more uniform filling of bag;

• Adjustable feeding conveyor belt driven by hydraulic control;

• Grain outlet design avoids bag tearing;

• Up to 10 times less losses than other storage systems;

• Easy bag filling;

• Robust transmission;

• Option to change the Forage Bagger to Cracker Grain Bagger (for moist grain).